Paui is the name. Dancer. Feelingerang Singer. 15. Student. Norway.
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  • Dear douche bag,

  • You won my heart, called me beautiful, told me that you love me, and gave me some good memories. The sad part is, I got myself infatuated with you, so close to you. That I came to the point I let you hurt me. I let you do what you did to me. The truth is I wanted to say thank you. Because of you I realized some things. Because from the day I knew you played my feelings… I know what I don’t want. I know what I deserve. And the sad thing is, it’s not someone like you. I want someone who would treat me a queen not an option.

  • Sincerely, the girl you took for granted.

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Do not spend your time watching and discussing other peoples life, throwing words against them, spreading nothing but hateful opinions about them, chances are you won’t win much of anything in life your self. Do not hate someone just because you think they are above you. People who choose to sit around, and spread hateful opinions on an almost constant cycle are those that who have no time for perfecting as real craft, which ultimately means, their life will be filled with all of the things that they put out towards others, including failure and negativity. Never stoop down on that kind of level. Do not let hate consume you or just because you are envy. Never let your life sink this low. Forget what others are focusing on, and be dedicated to your craft with everything that is inside of you. Remember that life isn’t a popularity contest, and that you aren’t here to compete with others as much as you are here to compete with yourself. Dig yourself and make your own success in life instead of hating other people. By (via segwayking)